CIK-FIA European Championships – Final, Ricciardo Kart

In the final round of the CIK-FIA European Championships, Ricciardo Kart Racing was competitive throughout the weekend.

Rick Dreezen 9th in KZ following a technical problem in the pre-final. “A difficult weekend, but even if we didn’t get the results we wanted, the team worked well all week, trying various solutions. Time now for a short break to recharge the batteries before the world championship.”

Christian Lundgaard retired in the OK Final, having been second in the pre-final: “Our race pace was good in the Pre-final so we were hoping for a good result in the Final. Unfortunately, I had to retire with a technical problem. I’m sure that in the World Championships, we can fight at the front once again.

Rasmus Lindh had to start from the back row because of spoiler penalties in the heats and fought his way up to 21st at the finish: “We did what we could this weekend and every member of the Ricciardo Kart team worked very hard, pushing all week long.”

In KZ2, Troy Loeskow had to retire right at the start of the Final, following a collision. “The final result is not representative of our performance level over the weekend. The team did an excellent job to fix the problem after the first heat. I enjoyed racing on this famous Genk track and I hope to use this experience to improve my performance in the Australian and European races. Thanks to Ricciardo Kart for providing the equipment and IAME for the power.”

Javier Gonzalez also retired: “A shame I had to retire with a technical problem, after all the hard work put in by the team. I had a great pace and I raced at the front in the Pre-final. I am sure we can recover at the World Championships in Sweden.

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